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    A website is an absolute necessity in 2020

    A website is an absolute necessity in 2020 and here’s why: 

    Most businesses may rely on the use of social media to promote their product or services, which is very vital to the business as it is a creative way to interact with users, however, another really important aspect that is often neglected is a website! If you are interested in growing and expanding your business, this is the right direction for you. Having a website has never been so imperative especially right now in 2020. Establishing an online presence is vital for your business to survive, take this opportunity to create an online store as customers are mostly comfortable shopping from a distance nowadays. Here are some more reasons why a website is essential:

    So why should I have a website if I already have a social media account for my business? 

    • This could give your business a professional touch, customers will be more likely to trust a business with a website. Your competitors will have their own websites, you’ll need to join in if you want to catch up! You will be able to introduce the business and showcase your expertise.
    • It’ll give you much more exposure, there are higher chances of your business being discovered on search engines such as google. This could help in attracting new customers, with the support search engine optimization. What is search engine optimization and how can it help with online footfall? (LINK TO ANOTHER ARTICLE)
    • You can have your positive reviews and testimonials on your website, this makes your business look really good and as a result, you might gain potential customers. Who wouldn’t want that? Have all your best reviews to encourage people to engage with your business. 
    • Your website is available for everyone 24/7 even when you are not, customers will be able to find answers to their questions on your website even during out-of-office hours. This makes it easier for you and the customers! Whether it’s having a FAQ page or directions to the location of your business, this saves you time as you would get less emails and calls to answer.

    What are you waiting for? There are so many benefits to having a website and we strongly recommend it! In a digital era and in a time of social distancing, online shopping has shown an increase with more people staying at home and adding their products to a cart online. Take this opportunity to develop an online store on your website, to give easy access to your products. This is specially for those who are interested expanding and reaching a wider audience, don’t just focus on utilizing one outlet to present your business. Take our word for it!

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