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    The Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship was established to inspire entrepreneurs to demonstrate their imaginative and unique enterprises; the purpose of the awards is to capture the creativity and achievements of entrepreneurs across all sectors, allowing them to make a contribution to the Kingdom of Bahrain’s economic development. Motivate has had the honor to plan and organize the 4th edition of the Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship, setting a theme that was created specifically for this edition. The theme was composed of element and colors that mainly represent ambition, royalty and creativity.


    The Bahrain Award for entrepreneurship has a significant impact on the economic growth in Bahrain as it promotes and empowers Bahraini entrepreneurs to celebrate their success..


    Creative design, website development, social media management, advertisements, animations, video production, 3D renders for the event, event animation, event organization, and gift items.



    Color Palette

    C 90 M 80 Y 45 K 45


    C 30 M 40 Y 80 K 20


    Design Elements



    Design Element Usage


    A timeline was illustrated in the form of a one-minute animation to simplify each step of the Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship. This was presented on social media and highlights the process starting from the registration phase and ending with the awarding ceremony.

    Registration Phase

    Entrepreneurs were invited to apply for the Award through a variety of approaches including billboard advertisements and digital marketing. A full-fledged campaign was created expanding to all media platforms such as outdoor, print and digital media.

    Interviews - 3rd Edition Winners

    The 3rd Edition of the Bahrain Awards of Entrepreneurship winners were interviewed to discuss their experiences,, the positive impact of the award on the enterprise, the challenging obstacles and valuable advice for future applicants. The interviews were carried out as part of the registration campaign.


    The website was specifically revamped and designed for the 4th edition of the Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship, it serves as a tool for potential candidates to apply online and for the judges to evaluate the applicants throughout the phases of the award. It is also an informative platform as it provides important information about the award, to both the public and entrepreneurs.

    Semi-finals Phase

    The evaluation process for semi-finalists included a requirement for candidates to carry out presentations about their enterprises in front of a technical committee that was composed of several representatives from Tamkeen, BDB, EDB, BCCI, UNIDO and MOIC, to ensure that the evaluation was fair to the contestants. In addition, a representative from Ernst and Young (EY) monitored the presentation and interview to ensure the process of evaluation was just.

    Finals Phase

    The Bahrain Awards for Entrepreneurship 4th Edition, revealed twenty one finalists. The remaining contestants were filmed giving a brief introduction about themselves and the details of their businesses. This was promoted on social media for all the finalists to gain exposure and publicity. Within the final phase, the judges panelists were…. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa – CEO of Bahrain Bourse, Mr. Hassan Jarrar – CEO of the Bahrain Islamic Bank, Ms. Najla Al Shirawi – CEO of SICO, Dr. Susan Saxton – Founder & President of the…. American University of Bahrain, Mr. Baybars Altuntas- Chairman of the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF)

    Awards Ceremony

    The Final Awards Ceremony of the 4th Edition of the Bahrain Awards for Entrepreneurship was a prestigious event. Held Under the Patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister, the event took place at Isa Cultural Centre, one of the most outstanding cultural institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

    3D Designs

    Event Animation


    Event Set-up

    Every single detail of the event was tailored exclusively for the event.. This included multiple curved LED screens which displayed content highlighting the finalists and their companies, along with animations with incredible visuals for the audience. A unique round stage platform was raised in the middle of the hall to adapt to the design of the venue along with a custom platform for the VIP seating arrangement.


    Bahrain is deeply proud of the achievements of its citizens, whose entrepreneurial spirit and efforts regularly deliver new and promising opportunities for all.


    His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa
    Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister

    Event Creatives

    The Event creatives were customized specially for the Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship. This Included the Entrepreneurship booklet, invites and identification cards. Design and production of outdoor flags and billboards were installed to provide a warm welcome to the guests at the venue.

    Gift Items

    Customized gift bags and trophy pins were distributed amongst the guests at the event.

    A musk perfumes collection along with the 4th Edition Booklet were presented to the guests as a souvenir.