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    An event initiated by Motivate Events & Media, Winter Wonderland is an event conceptualized by Motivate. Since VIVA was going through rebranding, this proved to be an ideal platform to relaunch the brand. STC sponsored the “Winter Wonderland” event as part of the rebranding exercise to make a noise in the market and be the subject of the public’s conversations. The third edition of winter wonderland evolved into a much bigger event from having the biggest outdoor ice-skating rink to a full-on family fun packed event. The event had an attendance of over 89,000 attendees, 13 rides and over 45 food vendors.


    Stc was able to officially convey the revamped brand to the public while creating a memorable experience.


    Event design & concept development, venue branding, social media campaign, event coverage.


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    As event experts, conceptualization of the event and its features is a key step before presenting the proposed event to the client and vendors. The 3D renders were created for each section of the event and shared with interested vendors. The presentation went viral, with numerous F & B outlets contacting Motivate to be a part of the event.


    We are thrilled to announce that the event emerged as one of the most successful events in Bahrain. Testimonials from the attendees is a testament in itself on the kind of impact it generated.

    An adrenaline packed event enjoyed by people of all ages.

    Stc winter wonderland provided a magical atmosphere for families to enjoy the biggest outdoor skating rink in Bahrain. The ambience around the area was reminiscence of skating on a frozen lake in a European country. Music and sufficient skating equipment were available to attend to the huge crowds. A total of over 9000 skaters enjoyed the ice rink

    A large number of attendees enjoying the fun packed event.


    Within the vicinity, a variety of Food & Beverages outlets were present to cater to the attendees. Vendors were able to attend to huge crowds gaining brand recognition while resulting in items being sold out before the official closing hours of the event.


    An event for all ages, no stone was left unturned to ensure the event creates a memorable experience for all. Stc Winter wonderland promoted local bands performing live on stage. The grand performance featured Flipperachi with the crowd dancing to his tunes. A total of 22 Music Bands performed at the event.


    Team Motivate designed and conceptualized the event from inception to reality. All event collaterals – tickets, booths branding, stage branding and set up, social media campaign and event branding was all designed and created by Motivate.